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lördag 10 februari 2018

I'm back with a stunning book!

Dear readers,
För er som har lite knacklig engelska finns en Google translater i sidomenyn. Jag kommer städa upp här i bloggen när tid finns :) 
I  miss U all sooooo very much and have decided that I have too start blogging again! I have many beautiful and inspiering cards and project I've been working on, ready too show you, since my inspiration and happiness for crafting came back too Me for about 15 months ago. Soooo... here U goo, my first project I wanna share with U.

This project was a christmas gift for one of my sisters two christmas ago. It took mee like forever too fold all the pages, but still, I was crazy enough too make a second one for my other Sister also. Show U guys that one another time, but it's simular too this one, both made of very old books.

And of course some close-ups for better view :) 

Please, take a moment too comment so I know you've notice that I'm back blogging again. 

Love, Nelle

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